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It’s not too often that a guitar player comes around who really revolutionizes what can be done on the instrument.  Sure, you can talk about guys like Freddie Green and Hendrix who helped create a new standard for their specific genres, but the truth is that moving beyond the basic picking and strumming patters that most people use on guitar is not an easy feat.  This usually requires the guitar to create an entirely different style of playing that breaks from the traditional way that people approach guitar.

Erik Mongrain is one of those guitarists.  Using a distinctive style he calls “Air Tap,” Mongrain explores the hidden power of the guitar by bringing out natural harmonics all over the fretboard and using a forceful, percussive dual hand style.  Words, of course, can only go so far to explain this man’s amazing technique, so you will just have to listen to “Muse” and “Raindigger” off of his latest album Equilibrium to believe it.

Also, while you’re at it, check out this ridiculous video of a live performance of his:


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