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This Must Be the Place,” by the Talking Heads, has got to be one of the most ubiquitously covered songs by modern indie bands.  Perhaps it’s the fact that the song itself is an anomaly: a love song written by the notoriously eccentric David Byrne, a musician who generally avoids the topic in favor of less…”ordinary” lyrics.  That being said, “This Must Be the Place” is a love song as only David Byrne could write it, and it has some amazing lines.

“I feel numb.  Born with a weak heart.  Guess I must be having fun.”

“Home is where I want to be
But I guess I’m already there
I come home, she lifted up her wings
I guess that this must be the place
I can’t tell one from another
Did I find you, or you find me?
There was a time before we were born
If someone asks, this where I’ll be.”

The comments on this song’s page on (a site which I love) are pretty telling about how most people feel about the song. “This must be what finding real love is like,” says one member.  Others even talk about playing it at their wedding.  Dan, Lucas, Alex, and Grant, (the girlfriend ones) can you guys identify with any of the lines in the song?

In a clear example of how musical trends recycle every two decades, the mid 2000s brought a glut of bands that paid major tribute to the Talking Heads and their strangely alluring frontman.  Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Tapes N Tapes are two of the most notable instances of Indie rock groups that have aped Byrne’s inimitable yelp.

In the midst of the post 2000 80s infatuation comes Miles Fisher.  This guy has a ridiculous pedigree which includes the prestigious St. Alban’s Prep School in Washington D.C. and Harvard, where he was a member of the Krokodiloes, the college’s oldest all-male a cappella group.  Not only that, but he is an accomplished actor who looks like a cross between Tom Cruise and Christian Bale.  And he has begun his foray into the musical world with yet another cover of “This Must Be the Place” on his new self-titled EP.

Feel bad about yourself yet?

Surely that is not Fisher’s goal, yet he accomplishes it astonishingly well.  To top it off, he has released a completely awesome video to “This Must Be the Place” in which he does a spot-on Christian Bale impression and imitates some of the most memorable scenes of “American Psycho.”

Besides the video, the song itself is great.  It begins with a single line from the song that Fisher mashes up in a garbled sample that runs beneath the rest of the track.  You can download his whole new EP (which includes “This Must Be the Place”) for free at Amie Street.  Although the whole EP is for download, his original songs can’t really hold a candle to the cover, but that doesn’t really matter when you have one sweet new jam to blast.  Thanks to George from the Meddies for showing me the video!  Check it out below:


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