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A contender for perhaps the happiest, twee-est song ever written, Owl City’s “Hot Air Balloon” never fails to put a smile on my face. It’s completely over-produced, hyperbolic, autotuned, and full of sappy, cute lyrics, but that’s what I love it for.

An electropop artist (with emphasis on the “pop”) hailing from Seattle, WA, Owl City is actually a single artist named Adam Young. According to Wikipedia (that ever-expanding encyclopedia of questionable acceptability), his main influences are “disco” and “European electronic music”.  I would argue that Owl City’s closest contemporary is the powerpop group hellogoodbye. Although Owl City is, indeed, more electronic than hellogoodbye, perhaps it’s the autotune and careful, bright production that brings them to mind. Owl City’s other single, “Hello Seattle”, has a breakdown which truly reminds me of them.

Maybe I should stop mentioning what this band sounds like compared to this or that band. It’s all fun, nonstop happiness anyways! Download Owl City’s “Hot Air Balloon” here!


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