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I was recently listening to The Faces’ “Ooh La La”, and it made me think about how we (the writers of the Thread) would listen to music at full blast while driving around Cambridge. We’d be obnoxious and blast hip hop and electro with the windows down, but every once in a while that song would come on, and it would have Lucas, Mikel and Dan harmonizing away. Indie/Folk group When I Was 12’s “Explicit Content”, I’m sure, would (and will) do the same thing.

It’s an angry break-up song, but sung so sweetly and cutely you can’t help but feel happy and fuzzy. “I think I’ll write a song with some explicit content/ so if you don’t want to hear it shut your ears,” is lead singer Adrianne Gold’s scathing-yet-sweetly-sung opening to this intelligent, folk-y, poppy tune.

Twee, quirky and cutting, Gold sings lines such as “I know you left your sweater here/ the one that was hunter green/ the one that I’m keeping forever/ the only thing I liked about being together” that are completely as relatable as they are adorable and funny.

I know this song could have be written by any one of the multitudes of indie/folk artists in the world, but it’s still fun to listen to. Is it one of the best songs ever? No, but it is catchy, worth a listen and it makes me happy. So there. Sew buttons!

Here’s the link for the download. Enjoy! And guys–when we’re all back in town, get ready to waste gas and listen to music. YEAH!

(Be sure to check out their song “S is for Subway”. So good!)


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