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Whoa. Thoughts?

(Click the picture to see the video.)

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Last weekend, my friends Monica, Caitlin and Darcy showed me this video. Needless to say, I was completely blown away. Marina & The Diamonds’ “I Am Not A Robot” is suuuuch a good song. I feel like Marina Diamandis (after whom the band is named) is poised to become The Next Big Thing.

First of all, the song is catchy as all hell. Although her voice is pitch-corrected, it’s lovely to hear a pop song sans obscene autotune in this post-T Pain era (I guess I’m a hypocrite, what with my Deaf Country thang). The chorus of the song, “Guess what? I’m not a robot!” although simple, is just belted from the soul, dude. She means business.

Secondly, the music video is amazing. No, there aren’t any insane dance moves or Lady Gaga vaginas, but that doesn’t really matter. The few dance moves she does use–the hair flip, the shoulder pump–make her seem so liberated and free. Also, the rhinestones on her face are beDAZZLING. And the paint! Oh, the paint!

She’s also so pretty! According to Wikipedia, that “ever-expanding index of questionable validity” (oh, how I love John Hodgman!), she’s a Welsh singer-songwriter of Greek descent. DAMN, Greece. Way to make people like Marina!

Some people find her somewhat obnoxious or too twee, but I can’t get enough of her. I hope you enjoy the video as much as I do!

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