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We took a break over the past few months. We’ll be back soon. In the meantime, check out my favorite song of the summer–Lil Wayne’s “Dear Summer.” It’s from a few years back, but it’s still dope as hell. Stay tuned!


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I’ve been downloading a lot of new music recently, and I happened upon these two dudes on an electro blog. They call themselves Gramatik, and they’re pretty dope. Their combining of old-school blues/gospel samples with fat, crisp beats, although it’s been done a million times before, still manages to sound fresh this time around.

I’m putting up “Lonely & Cold (Original Mix)”, as well as their remix of Muse’s “Knights of Cydonia”. I’m not really a fan of Muse, because I find them generally melodramatic and boring. However, this remix is pretty epic. I feel like I could slay dragons and shit while busting moves to this jam.

Get your dance on to these dudes! Check them out!

Click here to download “Lonely & Cold (Original Mix).”

Click here to download “Knights of Cydonia (Gramatik Remix).”

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There are so many layers of irony to this that I don’t even know where to start.

Essentially, this song is a mash-up of “Party and Bullshit” by Notorious B.I.G. with “Party in the USA” by Miley Cyrus. Oh. My. God. So amazing.

I’m not sure why or how Miley Cyrus became popular with college students all of a sudden. At Colby (and, according to Mikel, at Bowdoin too–but then again, what’s even the difference between the two, really?), this song blew up, and if you go to a party this year at good ol’ Colbs, you are guaranteed to hear “Party in the USA” at least three times.

Even if it is Miley Cyrus, you have to agree that “Party in the USA” is SO catchy and SO well-written. Now, throw in Biggie’s impeccable flow to this perfect pop song, and BAM. Pure gold.

Mash-up artist hathbanger slammed together these two songs, and I’m not sure whether to thank him or just wonder at it. I think I’m going to go with thanking him.


Oh, and this song is up here in TRUE Illin’ Music Thread style. Gabe posted this song on Mikel’s wall. I chill with Mikel tonight, he shows me this song, and I post it up here. Thanks so much to Gabe and Mikel for this song! Holla!

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Now, I don’t usually like mash-ups, but this is so cool and so dope. Team Teamwork mashed up songs from N64’s Ocarina of Time with a bunch of different hip hop songs. Some work better than others, but most are solid gold. My favorite is definitely the “Getting Treasure” soundclip of Zelda fame mashed up with Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg’s “Still D.R.E.”.

I grew up on N64, and this is a great collision of my favorite game with many of my favorite hip hop artists. I think you guys (especially you, mikel, seeing as how you would wake up at 5 to play Zelda before your parents woke up) will dig this, although I’m sure some of you have this already. Word!

Download the album here. Click “download”, and you can either pay for it or download the 128k album for free (look for the free download at the bottom of the download page). Enjoy!

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