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From Paramore to lesser known groups like Versaemerge a lot has been made recently of the proliferation of female-fronted emo/pop-punk acts.  As in any genre, some bands are very good while others should have never left the garage.  One of the bands that falls into the former category is Heartsounds.  Fronted by singer/guitarist Laura Nichol and backed up by ferocious drummer Ben Murray, Heartsounds arose from the ashes of Nichol and Murray’s previous melodic metal act Light This City (whose name sounds more like mediocre emo band than a pissed off metal act).  Light This City was notable not only because of their awesome dual-guitar harmonies, but also because Nichol was actually the vocalist!  Female screamers in metal are few and far between, but she held her own and even convinced a lot of listeners that she was one of the boys.

After the demise of Light This City, she and Murray decided to indulge their secret devotion to punk and created a great album of blazing fast pop punk tunes.  Take a listen to Slave to a Heart That Strays from their debut full length Until We Surrender. Check out that chorus!! Awesome.


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