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No, the title of this blog post is not true, but sometimes it’s just fun to walk around with a sick song blasting through your headphones, rocking contemptuously.  What’s that you say?  Sounds like a typical Say Anything song?  Bingo.

Imagine if Holden Caulfield were to form a punk band and funnel all of his pent up adolescent furor and energy into songs full of stinging invectives and catchy choruses.  Well, Say Anything is that band and Max Bemis, the crazy mastermind behind Say Anything’s mix of punk, emo, and showtunes-style bravado has done it again.  With their upcoming self titled release (the third official full-band release of their catalog not counting Bemis’ old college demos,) Say Anything has blossomed into the type of brazenly cynical, lovingly hateful, and straightforwardly rocking band that I have always wanted to listen to and have grown to regard as one of my all time favorites.

Some brief background on Bemis: An admitted sufferer of bipolar disorder, he had a nervous breakdown during the writing and recording of Say Anything’s first full-band recording, “…Is A Real Boy” and ended up wandering the streets of New York in a daze.  Before a huge tour during the summer of 2005 he had another breakdown which, according to Wikipedia, involved “harassing children, spitting in food at an outdoor cafe, spending a ‘half-hour pouring a bowl of soup onto the floor, one spoonful at a time,’ engaging in a street fight, and finally being admitted to a mental hospital by an off-duty policeman.”

Ever since, Bemis has not had a relapse and seems in prime vitriolic form with the upcoming release of his band’s new self-titled album.  “Say Anything” will drop on November 3rd, and I will be anxiously awaiting its arrival.

For now, here’s the new single, “Hate Everyone.”  A three minute burst of righteous indignation, it careens out of the speakers with an almost superhuman force.  And those lyrics!  Some choice lines:

“Then i grew a few hairs where the sun don’t shine
they packed me in a classroom to count the time
studying the history of men’s minds
chasing tail and committing hate crimes
rich hippie girl with a gas guzzler
forced myself to fall in love with her
she was so strung out she’d swear it never occurred
the honkey king went back on his word

I’m mired in hypocrisy yet i’m still down with JC
I guess that everyone includes me
And that’s why I’m a humanist”

Hahaha I love the humanist line.  Great stuff.  Also, the JC (Jesus Christ) reference is hilarious, as Bemis is Jewish and includes a lot of Jewish jokes and imagery in his songs that most people don’t get.

Finally, the video is just brilliant.  It acts out every teenage fantasy of smashing everything around you in a type of joyful fury:


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