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Mikel will love this song.

I just downloaded Breakfast Of Champs Records’ Mozart Park All-Stars, a compilation CD with a bunch of sweet-ass traxx. I randomly listened to Cop Magnet’s song “Benched”, and was immediately charmed by this poppy, dance-y song. Also, LOOK AT THAT CAT WEARING THE DEVO HAT

“Benched” is from Cop Magnet’s debut album Cop Magnet Is… Maxwell Velocity, recently released on BOC. The track is super listenable, thanks to a fat dance beat, vintage, disco-era synth tones, and prodigious amounts of autotune. I can already hear Mikel singing the lyrics of this song in his best pop-punk inflected voice: “Benched, I need a backup!”

Click here and download this fresh new track immediately! Play it on repeat at every party you go to so everyone will ask you why you aren’t playing Gaga and so, eventually, you’ll be quietly asked to leave. Then you can go home and dance alone in your room to this catchy-ass song. Because that’s why you go to parties, right? Enjoy!


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