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Kinda last minute, seeing as it starts in like 3 hours, but looks like it will be a cool show! Magic Man, jamesDUNK, Michael Parallax tonight at 346 Putnam ave, Cambridge. 8:00 on tha dot. and it’s free! Check it out! byob, son. free shows in the summmmmmmmmer

Facebook event page!


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A quick post before I go back to work. I’m in the middle of finals here at Colby, but here’s something to brighten your day: we made a music video!

My friend Molly asked me to make a song based on a song Nancy Updike wrote for the 400th episode of This American Life. I complied, and she organized this music video. IT’S AWESOME. She’s sending it to This American Life, so hopefully we’ll hear back from them soon! In the mean time, click the picture to see the video!

Free download:

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I first heard about Coralcola back in 2008 when he came out with his track “Heath Ledger” (which, coincidentally, happens to be the song I’m posting on here today). I was immediately captured by the song and its strange, otherworldly vocal samples, its symmetry, and by just how damn catchy the song was. Also, the dude’s from Worcester, MA. Woo-town!

Coralcola identifies his music as “dreamglitch”. I can see the “dream” part of the genre–it’s very hypnotic. The glitch part–not so much. Semantics aside, it’s great music. Not exactly music you can put on at a party, but life isn’t a constant party (unless you’re Eugene Hutz). Or if you’re the Colby football team. In any case, it’s a lovely song, and you should download it IMMEDIATELY!

Click here to download Coralcola’s “Heath Ledger”!

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Hey gang. I’ve been posting my new track on facebook, but I thought I’d post it on here in the hopes that someone who is not a “friend” of mine will download it. I’m happy with how it turned out! I’ve been making music under the pseudonym of Deaf Country since 2008, and I can say that I’m probably happiest with this song so far.

I used a quote from Flannery O’Connor for the chorus. The actual quote is:

Where you come from is gone,

Where you thought you were going to never was there,

And where you are is no good unless you can get away from it.

Depressing shit. I changed a few of the words around, but there you have it.

Maybe it’s not kosher to post your own music on your own blog, but fuck it. I hope you enjoy it!

Click here to download “The Sound Is The Sound” by Deaf Country!

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I’m not sure I remember how I learned about Thick Shakes. My friend Sei (always the Sei Harris!) has been playing a lot of garage rock in his car recently, and I guess it rubbed off on me a bit. They were the Boston Phoenix’s Song Of The Week a while ago, too.

I’m not really sure why I’m trying to remember where I learned about these dudes, because it doesn’t really matter–the band kicks ass. They’re two dudes and a lady from Somerville, MA. The music is just so much fun to listen to. It’s really sloppy, grimy garage rock. Fuzzed out guitars, retro basslines and energetic drumming makes listening to Thick Shakes SO FUN. In another review on Heads Up Boston, one can see a correlation between their recording process and how fun their music is:

We did the whole thing in a weekend, and it was a ball. Jerry MacDonald recorded us at the Shop in Weymouth, he is a good friend of ours who understands our tastes. We showed up to his studio and he pulled out a box of homemade telephone mics. He had a way of making us sound like I hoped we sound but wasn’t sure, and brought out new things too. He gets a kind of sadistic grin on his face when figuring out how to coax things into even fuzzier and messier places. Some people warned us that recording is a grueling process that will make us hate our music and each other, but I suspect I might have found a loophole in doing this with my boyfriend and best friend. No drama, just pizza.

No drama, just pizza. Fucking awesome. The fun they had recording this literally leaks out your headphones.

It’s just good old honest feel-good rock n’ roll. Thick Shakes has taken the heritage of garage rock and given it an update, bringing the genre into the modern era without giving up what makes the genre inherently fun to listen to and without being all smarmy and obnoxious about it like Jet. FUCK JET

In any case, Thick Shakes kick ass, and you should download their music! In fact, here are some download links for some of their songs!!

My two favorite songs are “(Baby) You’re a Starfish” and “Julie K”. Although sometimes I have no idea what the fuck the lyrics are, I can’t help but sing along anyways. Baby you’re a star, baby you’re a star, baby you’re a starfish.

Click here to download “(Baby) You’re a Starfish” off of Thick Shakes’ new album Ooh Mommy!

Click here to download “Julie K”!

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Mikel will love this song.

I just downloaded Breakfast Of Champs Records’ Mozart Park All-Stars, a compilation CD with a bunch of sweet-ass traxx. I randomly listened to Cop Magnet’s song “Benched”, and was immediately charmed by this poppy, dance-y song. Also, LOOK AT THAT CAT WEARING THE DEVO HAT

“Benched” is from Cop Magnet’s debut album Cop Magnet Is… Maxwell Velocity, recently released on BOC. The track is super listenable, thanks to a fat dance beat, vintage, disco-era synth tones, and prodigious amounts of autotune. I can already hear Mikel singing the lyrics of this song in his best pop-punk inflected voice: “Benched, I need a backup!”

Click here and download this fresh new track immediately! Play it on repeat at every party you go to so everyone will ask you why you aren’t playing Gaga and so, eventually, you’ll be quietly asked to leave. Then you can go home and dance alone in your room to this catchy-ass song. Because that’s why you go to parties, right? Enjoy!

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Apparently Truman Peyote has been getting some much-awaited media coverage recently. And for good reason, too. These dudes have been making kick-ass music in JP for a while, now. It’s awesome to see all these Boston-area bands making good nowadays.

I’ve been a fan of some of their compositions before their new album, Light-Lightning. It’s interesting to see how the earlier elements of their music have evolved over time. The vocal drones on the second half of their song “Knowing” off of their album Catalog: 1/14 – 5/12 are now used to wonderful, psychedelic effect in songs like “Fishscraps”. Some of the compositional techniques and sounds of songs such as “Lorikeets” and “JJJJ” (both from Catalog) pop up in other songs in Light-Lightning. It’s all very disjointed, somewhat dissonant, but totally listenable and much more accessible than their earlier work. Which isn’t bad, per say; it’s great to see a band refine their earlier experiments with tapes and noises into a cohesive, coherent album.

It’s also cool to see the influence of other Boston-area bands in the music of Truman Peyote. The bass and some of the noises in “Beantown” sound like something BAIXA would have used. The same goes for TP’s “Yes.Wav”, a cute nod to the yes-wave scene of JP. The chimes at the beginning of “Fishscraps” are totally a reference to Peace, Loving’s “Chimax”.

So how’s the music? It fuckin’ kicks ass, kid, that’s how the music is. Pitchfork has already drawn the comparison to Animal Collective, which is fair enough, I guess. However, after listening to Light-Lightning on repeat for the past week, I’m pretty confident that you’ll agree with me when I say that the differences between Animal Collective and Truman Peyote are vast.

They’ve been getting the biggest buzz for their song “New Wife New Life”. It’s SUPER catchy, first of all, but they don’t compromise the experimental element of their music. The song is full of found sounds, children playing, and dissonant, jarring noises. “New Wife New Life” is perhaps about the singer realizing he is not ready to be married, which can be witnessed in lines such as:

This used to be fun for me

I’ll escape this lady

She’s not the one for me,

And she’s not the one for me.

The plethora of sounds of children screaming and having fun, combined with the lyrics above make this song–in my opinion–a strong case for escaping adulthood’s institutions and responsibilities to just be a kid again for only 3 minutes and 40 seconds, if not the rest of your life.

This album is absolutely awesome. A must-download! This is some of the FRESHEST new music I’ve heard in a WHILE. My favorite songs off the album are “Beantown”, “Yes.Wav”, “New Wife New Life”, “Fishscraps”, and “Firetime = Snowday”. In fact, I love this album so much, I’ll put the entirety of it on the Thread for your downloading pleasure!

Click here to download Truman Peyote’s new album Light-Lightning!

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