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Well! It’s been a while. Let’s get to it, eh?

I remember my friend Brittany Grabel was obsessed with folk artist Josh Ritter in high school. We talked about him in our Modern Lit class. It was good times. I just recently remembered him and started listening to some of his music. I rediscovered my favorite song of his, “Harrisburg”, and felt like it’d be a good song to put up on the Thread.

This song really reminds me of my second semester of senior year. The song is really melancholy, and that time of my life wasn’t, so I’m not exactly sure why this song reminds me of it (other than the fact I listened to it a lot back then).

Anyhow, for your listening pleasure: Josh Ritter’s “Harrisburg”. I usually never understand the lyrics the first time I listen to a song; I enjoy the melody and its composition before getting into the lyrics and the meanings derived thereof. His voice is really honest, and he does a great job of communicating the lyrics to the listener, so with this song, the lyrics were the first thing I noticed. It’s a similar thing with Sunset Rubdown–their lyrics were the firs thing I noticed before anything else. Interesting, I guess.

Hope everyone’s doing well! Take it easy, y’all.

Also, P.S.–Lucas, Josh Ritter is an Oberlin alum! Cool connection! Yeah!


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