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The Illin' Music Thread

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Welcome to The Illin’ Music Thread! We hope you enjoy your stay here. The musical mint you will find on your pillow as you check into your room is of course gratis. The alcohol in the minibar, however, is NOT. Or non, if you wish to continue to use idiomatic French expressions.  This blog (mlog?) was started for two different reasons.

What are those reasons?

The illin’ music thread was started sometime in mid-July by myself and five of my friends–Lucas, Alex, Gabe, Dan, and Mikel–to share music. There are two reasons for starting this blog instead of keeping it confined to a facebook message thread. The first reason for this blog is somewhat selfish, but also informs the second reason for starting it.

1. We wanted to continue to share music with each other, even as we return to our separate colleges.

Throughout the summer, however, many of our other friends wanted to get in on the hot (or chaud, to use French again) music action. Instead of emailing songs or albums to our friends, we thought we could:

2. Post songs on here so our friends could enjoy more music, too.

Who are your friends?

If you’re reading this, you are our friend! If we’re going to be sharing a hotel room, we might as well. I already ate the mint, though. Sorry.

So, yes! As we five continue to share music with each other, you–our friend–will be able to get in on the sharing (or share in the groove, to use a Phish expression).

This is why it is called “The Illin’ Music Thread”. This is almost a kind-of conversation between the six of us that used to be private, but is now public. There will be humor, there will be laughs, there will be tears, and probably some bloodshed. Okay, probably not that. But still. We will continue to develop our tastes of music based on each other’s posts, and we will hopefully influence what you listen to too!

What kind of music will you post on here?

We all listen to incredibly different styles of music. Indie rock, hip hop, electropop, jazz (not smooth; just crunchy), experimental, afrobeat, post-rock, classical, mashups, 8-bit, funk… and so on. Have fun!




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