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The Illin' Music Thread

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What’s up loyal readership? Me. In your mom. That is what is up.

I’m Gabe, and when I’m not busy sexing the hell out of your mom (in fact, I wanted to name this blog ‘Songs to Sex Your Mom To’), I listen to a ton of music. I’ll be posting some of it. Because that’s how music blogs work.

Anyway, I have a lot to do tonight, but I’m gonna leave you with a couple of non music tidbits.

First, Check out this twitter feed. Hysterical.

Second, Check out LOLtheorists. Basically, it’s lolcats, but with philosophers and other thinkers instead of cats. It’s nerdy, hilarious, and totally awesome. Take this for example…

I'm so cool for liking this

I'm so cool for liking this

It’s gonna be a good run, I can already tell

Gabe Out.