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The Illin' Music Thread

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The Hear Hums are awesome, because their band name kind of sums up how I think of their music: the sort of thing you hum along in your head when you’re alone, doing morning things or walking by yourself through a city. The Hear Hums take this kind of idea and run with it, creating strange, meandering songs with ethereal soundscapes, whirring noises, and delicate guitar lines.

I got an email from Mitch, the main dude of sorts, earlier this week. He sent me an unreleased track from their upcoming album Psyche Cycles (it’s going to be released in fall 2010) and a little description of the band.

We make all the visuals ourselves for our live sets, which for some reason seems to be a rare thing, it seems as though most bands who have visuals have some other people making their visuals which I don’t understand if they are not included in the band/project. We’ve toured Florida a few times (actually with Totally Nebular) and now we are trying to save up funds to buy a van and tour the northeast this summer.

Man, I hope they save the funds to buy that van to tour the northeast this summer! They sent me some videos, too, and it looks like their shows are super fun. Their visuals are awesome, too! It’s great to see a band that takes the time to make their own visuals–it’s real nice to see people taking the time to make their live show into a complete, integrated whole.

The song Mitch sent me is called “Change”. It’s really, really good. They’re thinking of releasing it as a 7″ sometime soon, and with good reason–the song is so strange and so sweet and so good. The song feels like walking through the woods on a Sunday. It’s chock-full of beautiful guitar lines, and has a cool, snare-heavy, dance-y groove. Click here to download “Change”!

I also downloaded Notions Shift At Tryptamine Bay, released in 2009, and I would also highly recommend downloading it. It’s full of warm, analog sounds, blissed-out guitar bits and contemplative moods. The album is a perfect match for the feeling I always get at this time of year–summer’s about to begin! Let’s go hiking in the woods! Let’s swim in pools! Really, let’s just go outside and play! Notions Shift is a perfect album to listen to as you drive to an outdoor destination. My favorite jams are “Monday Or Any Day” and “Ping Pan Band”.

Here are some videos for your viewing pleasure, as well. Check out the psychedelic visuals. The “Piano Jam” is especially sweet–it’s real high energy & super pretty. Also check out that dude who’s stoned out of his mind dancing on the side. Sick! These guys are well worth the download, and if you can catch them this summer, DO IT! Grant, out!

Click here to listen to their “Live Piano Jam”!

Click here to listen to “Woowhirl”!


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