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The Illin' Music Thread

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First of all, hey everyone and I sincerely apologize for it being so long since I’ve posted. Pretty ridiculous actually. First, some self promotion: come see my jazz combo play in the Montreal Jazz Festival! July 2nd at 4pm. Kickass. Now for some cool music:

It’s always really cool to hear a band who has a wide variety of sounds. Australia has a lot of cool groups to offer musically (Operator Please would be one that comes to mind), and The Parking Lot Experiments are definitely reppin’ their country/continent well! They’re at points casual, catchy indie rock, yet au contraire (oh no… french), they can be minimalistic and haunting. Just when you thought that wasn’t enough, enter a sweet electro-pop groove tune. Whether it’s electro, acoustic, or somewhere in between, they pull off something wonderful.

A personal favorite of mine would be Flying Colours. The song begins with a Sigur-Rós ish melancholy, spacey keyboard intro,  but quickly switches into a happy bass and trombone groove. Cool! Need more of that. When the lyrics come in, we realize that this band isn’t just making music that’s great to listen to – they’re having fun doing it! You can’t help but smile when they begin their “trumpets, trumpets, magic trumpets” bit. This is really music that makes me feel warm and summery inside, even if it’s snowing on May 8th in Montreal (which it is).

My other favorite would have to be Forest Fire, a song that really highlights their other, minimalist side. Using a thumb piano gives it a simple, childlike sound, and you instantly feel a connection with the song due to its simplicity. When the guitar finally comes in, there’s a huge release as we feel the song moving somewhere, and then back to the original theme with guitar instead of the thumb piano to end.

That connection with the music is what totally unites their different styles: it’s always super relatable and has this wonderfully… human feel. It’s not complicated, it’s not convoluted… there’s nothing here but a plush welcome mat, a bunch of smiling people, and a delicious meal for your ears that’s hot, delicious, and ready for your pleasure.

Check them out at their myspace! Definitely check out “flying colours” and “forest fire” – the rest are great too.


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