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If you have ever read John Kennedy Toole’s A Confederacy of Dunces, you may recognize this band’s moniker. In addition, you may also understand the vibe of this album–warm, subtly tragic, and incredibly human. Although this album isn’t exactly a soundtrack to the book, and while there is a definite lack of valves, the fact remains: Oh Fortuna’s music is about as big-hearted and tragically sad as the story of Ignatius J. Reilly.

These guys are rocking my world. If you need a new band to get obsessed with, get obsessed with these guys. The first time I listened to The Fireworks of Electric Human Love, their debut album, I was charmed, but not really moved. The second time around, I started to understand that–holy shit! These guys are unbelievable! How have they not been featured on The Illin’ Music Thread?

This album seems like it was made by a bunch of human beings creating an album about how amazing it is to exist in this strange, beautiful world called Earth. Atmospheric soundscapes, catchy-as-hell melodies, unforgettable lyrics, and pumping electronic drums dominate this album. I also really enjoy their use of certain electro clichés–cheesy synth bass lines (see: “Woodpaint Rainbow”), gated saw synths (see: “St. Bernadino’s Fire”), etc.–in a completely different context. That’s just to say, it’s just one of the many things that makes this album FRESH.

Download these guys. Seriously. You’ll get hooked. I guarantee it. I don’t guarantee many things, but I this I will. I’m putting the whole album up–The Fireworks of Electric Human Love has made it onto my list of “perfect albums”–albums that I can listen to any track of and love. Check it, yo!

Click here to download Oh Fortuna’s The Fireworks Of Electric Human Love!


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