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The Illin' Music Thread

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Maybe you’re getting tired of the fact that I start every post with a “I LOVE THIS BAND”. But I can’t help it! I’m sorry, but I can’t! I love this band! I do! Gracie And The Mouse have been knocking my socks off all weekend, kid! Exclamation point!

I’ve never really been a fan of acid jazz–the very phrase usually makes me want to run away from whoever said it at top speed to escape hearing shitty electronic drums and shitty, cheesy horn lines at lethargic tempos. It’s one of those “failed” sub-genres of jazz that very few people willingly listen to, like smooth jazz. However, G&M have taken the best parts of the genre and mixed it up with equal parts electropop, rock, and psychedelia to make one hell of an album–The 47th Coming Of Bristol Sound. They may just make me revise my stance towards acid jazz, brah.

The two songs I’m posting on here are my two favorite tracks: “I Love (Toxic)” and “BUnd (James BUnd)”. “Toxic” is probably the heaviest song on the album. Cusa, the lead singer, sings about razor blades and setting fire to your brainstem, a disturbing juxtaposition to the song’s gorgeous chord progressions and haunting melody.

“BUnd” at first seems super boring–the thirty seconds or so of intro material sets you up to think the song is going to be some sort of crappy acid jazz thing, but then WHAM. The vocal hook comes in and things get weird. Lines like, “Now we’re touching each other/We coat our bodies with butter” start popping up and the semi-boring bit at the beginning is exposed as A TRICKSTER. Setting up my expectations in one way, and then throwing me in the other direction. Well done, G&M!

Both songs are absolutely friggin’ awesome, and have this tendency to get stuck in your head. Thus, in conclusion:



Click here to download “I Love (Toxic)”!

Click here to download “BUnd (James BUnd)”!


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