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The Illin' Music Thread

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I first heard about Coralcola back in 2008 when he came out with his track “Heath Ledger” (which, coincidentally, happens to be the song I’m posting on here today). I was immediately captured by the song and its strange, otherworldly vocal samples, its symmetry, and by just how damn catchy the song was. Also, the dude’s from Worcester, MA. Woo-town!

Coralcola identifies his music as “dreamglitch”. I can see the “dream” part of the genre–it’s very hypnotic. The glitch part–not so much. Semantics aside, it’s great music. Not exactly music you can put on at a party, but life isn’t a constant party (unless you’re Eugene Hutz). Or if you’re the Colby football team. In any case, it’s a lovely song, and you should download it IMMEDIATELY!

Click here to download Coralcola’s “Heath Ledger”!


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