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The Illin' Music Thread

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I think I missed out on all the Neon Indian loving that went on in the fall of ’09. Whatever. Neon Indian fuckin’ rocks, kid. Isn’t that the point of this blog? WORD

The song in question today is “Should Have Taken Acid With You”. Besides the passive voice in the title, this song is lovely. The beat, instead of the bassy thump you’d expect in any sort of electropop song, is instead flat, tinny, and distorted. However, that doesn’t make this song hit less hard; it’s still catchy as fuck and definitely danceable. The lyrics, too, are awesome. They’re simple, yet somehow perfect:

Should have taken acid with you
Touch the stars and the planets too
Should have taken acid with you
Melt our tongues and become unglued

Should have taken acid with you
Take our clothes off in the swimming pool
Should have taken acid with you
Told my parents that I’m staying with you

This is definitely a summer song, in my opinion. Here in Waterville, ME, the weather has been uncharacteristically warm for the season (61 degrees today!), so I’d recommend putting this song on while hanging around outside with some friends and doing some recreational drugs. Enjoy!

Click here to download Neon Indian’s “Should Have Taken Acid With You”, from their 2009 album Psychic Chasms!


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