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The Illin' Music Thread

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I remember seeing these guys back in 2006, I think, in some random back yard in Newton with Jon Davies and Mark Saldana. I think the guitar player played through like 20 reverb pedals. Or maybe that was some other band. At the time, I thought they were all right, in that annoying high school way I thought bands were cool. The Craters were just a guitarist and a drummer. They played that unique kind of indie rock specific to the mid-2000’s that was kind of a boring and weird watered-down version of Modest Mouse-type bands. That was four years ago.

Jump ahead to 2010, and The Craters just released a cassette tape called “Teenage High School”. OH MAN. So much better than The Craters I remembered. I checked their myspace after randomly recollecting that weird concert full of bands with names like “Velveteen Streetcars” or something. Maybe that was the name of a song? Who even knows. Maybe Jon does.

Anyways, The Craters fuckin’ rock now. Lo-fi, analog synth sounds are interweaved between distorted drum machine beats. The hook of the song (“Everybody goes theeeeeeeere”) has been stuck in my head for a few days, now. The music has a strange mood to it, like when you remember all the idiosyncratic things you and a friend or two did that seemed so important at the time, but eventually got forgotten about a few years down the line. Like that concert in Newton. I think I got in trouble with my parents for going to that concert. Oh, man. All these memories are flooding back right now. YIKES.

Anyhow, here’s The Craters’ “Cool Enough For School” from their new album Teenage High School, available through Breakfast of Champs Records. Click here for the download!

* EDIT: I just downloaded another song from The Craters called “Weekends Or Not”. Click here to download it!


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