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The Illin' Music Thread

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My high school teacher and friend, Dane Despres, puts out a mixtape at the end of every year with some of his recent favorite songs/artists. Upon downloading this, I discovered Zomby, a dubstep artist. I had been listening to dub for a few years, but I’d never heard of dubstep. I put the track on, and got blown away by how crazy it was. It was blippy, it was glitchy, it was full of insane vocal samples and meaty, chest-pounding basslines. I was hooked.

Enter Heyoka, dubstep artist from the Bay Area. His song “Boom” has a laid-back groove, yet is impossible to not dance to. The bassline is angular and incredibly catchy, and really propels the song. It’s something you can put on and sit back & chill to, but it will also get people shaking their asses on the dance floor. It’s just so grimy. Ah! Yes! I feel like Gabe will love this song.

Anyways, here’s my last post before the weekend. It’s Doghead at Colby this weekend. Put on this song at parties to get people moving, or if you’re just lampin’ with some homies. Take it easy, fools!

Click here to download Heyoka’s “Boom”.


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