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The Illin' Music Thread

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Gracious Calamity are those two lovely ladies in the front. Study this picture and learn it well.

These guys are also part of the Whitehaus Family Record. I also love them. A lot.

To quote:

“When a Gracious Calamity song begins, tiny areas of your body begin to remember the microscopic sensation of moisture and air molecules. The history of the country where you were born begins to race through your head and you start to remember for the first time. You remember choosing your surname. You remember generations of the canoe, fishing along the ice. The hallucinations are persistent and real. ”
-Morgan Shaker

They make me really happy. Like, really happy. Their voices are just so perfect. My friend Lucie Berjoan once wrote on her facebook page, “what happened to the beautiful music of our grandparents?” I feel as though this band is a sort-of answer to that question. They sound as real as the bottom of a river and as beautiful as pine trees. I highly recommend listening to these wonderful women.

In fact, in order to listen to them, here are some links!

Click here to download “Angel Band”.

Click here to download “The Great Haircut Song”.



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