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The Illin' Music Thread

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So, it’s been forever since I’ve posted. This semester really took a toll on me. If you’re curious about hearing some of the things I’ve been up to (unfortunately I don’t think I’ve uploaded any piano stuff), check out my website:

But regardless, today is the first real snow in Montreal. I’m taking a break from practicing for the day and I’m cleaning the apartment and just sitting around, listening to things that remind me of snow, calm, winter, friends, hot chocolate, and all the favorite clichés. Here are three various tracks that have been in rotation:

1. Iris – Miles Davis
This is from the amazing and way-ahead-of-its-time album E.S.P. and is just an absolutely beautiful piece. It feels so relaxed… almost lazy but always driving forward. Lush harmonies behind incredible melodies. It’s brilliant because it feels like music, not like this idea of “jazz” that is so set aside for only “jazz musicians” to listen to and enjoy. So enjoy it, jazz musicians and non-jazz musicians alike!

2. Ghosts of a future lost – Requiem for a Dream soundtrack
Requiem for a dream is soundtracked by a mixture of electronic music and the Kronos quartet, an extremely well-known string quartet. When the tension of the movie ends, they let the quartet shine in this hauntingly beautiful piece.

3. That was the worst christmas ever! – Sufjan Stevens
Sufjan has a magic to some of his songs. This is a seasonal song in some senses, aka it has that wintery, calm feel to it inherently. Still a favorite!

Can’t wait to see all of you guys back in Lex! I promise to post more next semester. Think of it as an early new years’ resolution.


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