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The Illin' Music Thread

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I listened to a lot of the experimental psychedelic band Black Moth Super Rainbow at the beginning of the summer. They’re really fun to drive around to; their dreamy, lush, vocoder-ridden songs go perfectly with hot air blowing on your face.

I’m 99% sure their songwriting method is just going into the woods outside of Pittsburgh, dropping a shit ton of acid, and then transcribing sunlight patterns into music. They’re also interesting because all their vocals are blasted through a fuzzed-out vocoder, which adds a strange, robotic dimension to their warm analog sounds.

I just re-listened through their newest album Eating Us. After re-listening to the songs “Fields are Breathing” and “Smile the Day after Today”, I thought that people would find them interesting. So, here they are!

Here’s the link for one song, and here’s the link for the other! Enjoy!


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