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The Illin' Music Thread

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So we make this plan to go to Cambridge to see some bands–me, Cosme, and Cali. We borrow my friend Nicole‘s car and make the three-hour drive from Colby to Cambridge. We stop by my house for some home cookin’ thanks to the Patch Parents n’ Tay and Cass, and we head for the Middle East (the club, not the region of the world).

I pick up our will-call tickets, get stamped, Cali gets stamped, and then they deny Cosme. What the fuck, Middle East Upstairs? It’s a long story, but we ended up talking to the asshole at the door, two managers and three cops to no avail. I’ve never run into such a problem with ID before. So basically, this is for you, asshole at the door.

We chill in Central Square for a bit, talk to people going to the show, eat some food, until Starfucker comes on. I felt terrible because Cos couldn’t get into the show, but if I made the drive down, I felt as though I should at least go to see one band.

Something that sets good bands apart from great bands is if they create their own world that you can completely buy into. Starfucker is one of these bands.

First of all, they performed in drag with tons of lipstick. I thought about how it would have been fun if we had brought down my lit professor so he could analyze how the band was deconstructing normative views on gender. However, for me, it created this strange, otherworldly vibe that was totally awesome. It seemed as though they were grandmothers performing concise, well-written and fun fun fun dance songs.

The highlights were my favorite song of theirs, “German Love”, and their cover of Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”.

“German Love” was sandwiched in the beginning of their schizophrenic set. They seemed somewhat uncomfortable in the beginning, playing songs for a minute or so until they degenerated into feedback and old tv/radio soundclips. With “German Love” they seemed to hit their stride, and, as with the rest of their set, played it (as we say in Boston) wicked tight, khidd! I was surprised that a band so young could be so together, and it only made the song more danceable.

“Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” was spot-on, too. It was fun and reflected upon their gender-bending in an ironic, silly way. Usually hipster irony bothers me, especially in concerts, but it was so heartfelt it almost seemed like they weren’t aware of it, or it was an accident or something.

I also enjoyed how hypnotizing some of their songs were. I felt as though I was in a trance for some of their songs.  As the bass drum thumped in my chest and the synths bounced off the walls into my ears, I closed my eyes and felt happy and warm. Any band that can do that to me gets an ‘A’ in my book.

Two small grievances: I wished the concert was longer and that the band was mixed better.

My friend Cali mentioned after the show how she hadn’t danced like that while sober in a long time. If you haven’t danced like THAT while sober in a few months, check this band out. They will, as they say in “German Love”, give that to you.


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