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The Illin' Music Thread

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In the September 7th episode of Pitchfork: TV’s Juan’s Basement, Boston electropop act Passion Pit call Phish “the best band out of Vermont ever”, also mentioning how they met “at a Phish show” where Phish “wrote a song for the audience” that made Passion Pit “realize that [they] were meant to be”.

Maybe this isn’t a big deal to anyone except me–“So what? A band likes Phish. Who cares?”–but I find it amazing that pitchfork would even publish something that has the word “Phish” in it, considering September 8th came and went with nary a mention of Joy. I mean, that’s not surprising at all, considering that pitchfork ignores anything with even the word “jam” associated with it.

I’ve always wondered if Phish could be beloved by hipsters. Maybe someone will watch this clip and check them out who otherwise wouldn’t give two shits. This, to me, makes me question why pitchfork doesn’t just pan Phish, but at least recognize that they’re making new, relevant music? Anyways, that’s all. Just some random musings.

Check out the clip here. PP plays a pretty cool “Little Secrets” and a “Sleepyhead” where the synth on the chorus is finally turned up. Wordski!


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