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The Illin' Music Thread

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Today in Music History 101, we had a guest lecture from an ethnomusicologist. She played us examples of Qur’anic recitation (readings from the Qur’an, the holy book of Islam) and we discussed whether or not it was music.

After listening to that for an hour, it made me really want to listen to my favorite piece of non-Western tonality music: Praising Bogd Mountain, performed by Altai KhairKhan from their album Whistle In The Wind. Altai KhairKhan are a group of Mongolian overtone singers, which is similar to tuvan throat singing.

I don’t really know much else about it, other than the fact that it’s really awesome, and that listening to the whole album through gave me a migraine! But you should still listen to the one track. Second favorite goes to The Yellow Camel With A Quick And Pliable Pace.

Altai KhairKhan:

Praising Bogd Mountain


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