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The Illin' Music Thread

in a few words, explain what this site is about

A heady blend of aggressive rock music conventions, gorgeously baroque pop melodies, virtuosic jazz improvisation and intricate compositional smarts, Kneebody forges headlong into the future. Low Electrical Worker is an ideal balance between popular music and jazz improvisation, fusion in the most perfect sense of the term.

Hey guys, I didn’t really properly introduce myself  last time so I guess I’ll take the time to do that now. I’m Dan, and I am a music major at McGill. Music is what I do… I spend my days practicing and my nights listening and sometimes practicing. Sometimes I look like this after an intense day of musicmaking… yeah it’s rough. But nonetheless, it’s a passion of mine and it’s such an honor to be on this blog because the other five guys here have AMAZING and inspiring musical tastes and backgrounds. As a result of playing instrumental music as my majors (classical and jazz, specifically), I’m going to try to post a good mix of instrumental and vocal music on this blog. Seeing as most people listen to music with vocals, it’s fun to be able to introduce people to something new.

Also a small tangent: yes, Montréal is just as incredible a place to live as you might guess. I’m sure Lucas, Mikel, and Alex can agree with that after visiting this summer!! Except it’s less desirable to live here when it’s covered in six inches of ice and is -40°. But otherwise, the music scene is thriving, the people aren’t obese and are generally attractive and/or francophone, and you can get a damn good beer at a selection of fine bars.

So, what is this band Kneebody all about? Imagine a song that grooves – say, your favorite Tower of Power song. Now imagine a band that is not trying to recreate 70’s funk, but rather make their own 21st century version. Now imagine that the funk band has rock and jazz influences, both rhythmically and harmonically. Imagine that these five musicians are perfectly in tune with each other. Combine all of these things and you get something that I can personally only describe as musical perfection. This is not the funk that your parents knew. The entire album is great – it’s called Low Electrical Worker. They write songs that challenge our ears but make us feel good.

A word of advice upon listening to this song: don’t try to figure out what they’re doing rhythmically unless you are truly adventurous. You’ll get frustrated and on top of that, you won’t be listening to the song anymore. This song doesn’t need an intense, intellectual, musical dissection to appreciate. Just feel the rhythmic parts as tension building and then feel the “AHA” moment when it resolves back into the groove! (yeah, you might look like that even!)

Without further ado, here is my favorite song of theirs: “Dr. Beauchef, Penguin Doctor”. (for some reason the page is in French… song is on the top right in the streaming menu!)

Also, just to PROVE how kickass they are, here’s them doing it live!


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