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The Illin' Music Thread

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Hello, everyone!

As some of you may know, I make electropop under the pseudonym Deaf Country. Anyhow, whether you know this or not, KNOW THIS: I finished a new track, and here it is–for free download! Hoorah!

I wrote this song to capture the feeling I had when I would say goodbye to my girlfriend in South Station and would then take the T home and think about stuff.

I actually wrote half of the melody when I was jamming with Mikel at Dan’s house in the summer. I just realized that this song also acts like a mood right for my summer. Interpret that as you will.

Anyways, I present to you “The T”, by Deaf Country. Cool fact–if you read this blog, not only do you get the free download, but you also get to listen to it before anyone else! It’s not up on myspace yet.

Click here to download “The T”.

Be sure to visit my myspace!

p.s. Mikel, I’m putting together songs that remind me of my high school years/freshman year. Wordski!


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