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“In early September of 2007, Ben Potrykus ate bad fast food in Lisboa, Portugal, drank two bottles of wine, and threw up 20 times in 20 hours, shitting his pants twice in the process. Hoping to transform a negative experience into positive energy, he decided to call his next musical project BAIXA, after the neighborhood in which he befriended a cat prince, but ultimately experienced abject sandwich terror and lost all control of his excretory system.”

Boston is a strange city to make music in. The scene is super-local, wary of outsiders, and once you’re in, you are sort of stuck here and kind of just float around, unless you are Passion Pit. That being said, the scene has TONS of great music flying around that never really makes it out of the Boston/Cambridge area. Enter BAIXA.

I was looking at The Whitehaus Family Record‘s myspace page, and clicked on the profile labeled “BAIXA”. I then downloaded their album Dirty Flow CD-R. I then listened to it.

The only “pretty” song on the album is the song “Ascend!! (( []_ ! []D”. It’s actually probably my favorite song on the album; it is perhaps tied with “Thrush II (dopedit)” which has a nasty, weird beat. The vocals on “Ascend” sounds like something I sing in my head and never think to record or actually sing aloud, or maybe something I dreamed, or maybe something I sang when I was 6 years old. It also only clocks in around 34 seconds. I’m probs going to have to loop it using Audacity so I don’t constantly have to rewind it to listen to it again and again.

The rest of the songs vacillate between sounds that emulate giant industrial machines, tiny industrial machines, or children’s thoughts. Everything sounds very analog and warm, and many of the drones BAIXA utilizes make me want to close my eyes and imagine fields or forests. On the song “Zyzzyva/Weevil Empire”, the beat sounds like BAIXA recorded someone using a drum machine in a soundproofed practice room from the other side of the door, which is a cool, almost secret sound.

BAIXA is a cool example of good Boston experimental. Check out the Asteroid M Project to download BAIXA’s album Dirty Flow CD-R. Two other neat Asteroid M Project bands are Fractillian and Fire & Gold. Be sure to check them out and download their free albums!


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